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OPEN TALK: Chaos Engineering: Considering the Failures from Development

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ADL Digital Labs Colombia, Backend Software Engineer

I am Systems Engineer and I have a degree in MSc in Systems Engineering and Computer Science from the Universidad Nacional de Colombia. I am interested in developing web applications using open source technologies and agile methodologies. I enjoy learning new programming languages and software development methodologies. I am interested in investigating new techniques that help to resolve performance and security problems in software engineering using monitoring and experimentation.

In a distributed world we all depend on the distributed systems more than ever. As these systems become more complex, the failures are much harder to predict.

Chaos Engineering introduces the injection of failures as a discipline for building confidence in the resilience capability of the systems.

Chaos Engineering and Postmortems are mainly considered by Operations Teams, but considering failures from Development provide teams with the opportunity to execute potentially highly disruptive experiments in a safer, more controlled way.

In this talk I am going to explain why all roles involved in building software products should practice Chaos Engineering. I am going to show the benefits and how can these exercises provide recovery procedures and validate resolution protocols.