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OPENING KEYNOTE: Next Insurance-- 3 Reasons Why Agile Isn’t Predictable and 4 Ways to Make It So

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Shay Mandel
Next Insurance, Engineering Manager

I've been programming since I was 8 years old, and since then I'm passionate about building software. I've been a developer / manager / product manager / architect / CEO (not in this order), in startups, medium sized companies and corporations (Microsoft, HP, VMWare, Sears). Being a competitive cyclist, I'm a strong believer in the power of teamwork. I've been practicing agile methodologies for 20+ years, improving teams and releasing products in increasing velocity.

Eric Reis' "The Lean Startup" talks about the Build-Measure-Learn loop. Scrum talks about the importance of iterations. Forget deadlines. Deliver working software. This sounds great!
Sadly, the real world has deadlines - be it a launch date of a marketing campaign, a Demo day in a conference, or a Sales team that wants to commit to a customer.
How do you balance between the two? Shay Mandel has been experimenting with many different ways to do it, even since the read "eXterme Programming" in 2001. In this session, you will learn best practices that were used and tuned over the years. Whether you're a manager in a small startup or a big corporate, you'll get practical advice that you can put to work right away at your company.