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We Can’t Talk about Privacy without Developers

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Olivia Vahsen
TomTom, Developer Advocate

Olivia is a Developer Evangelist at TomTom where she mentors and supports TomTom’s developer community. Olivia’s role is a hybrid one – part marketing, part technical and one hundred percent engineer. She is uniquely fit to help liaise between companies and the developer community. During her time at TomTom, she’s empowered the company to better support developers, students and startups looking to add location to their applications.

In response to the current environment many companies are having employees work remotely to keep them safe and healthy. And, it’s no secret, that in this “new normal,” human connection has become even more important – as people (both personally and professionally) have to find new ways of working together without in-person interaction. While there is no rule book for managing teams in the midst of a pandemic, there are steps managers can take to ensure their global team of developers are cross-collaborating and drawing on the benefits of workplace international and cultural diversity. Notably, developers—by nature—are well-suited to interacting online for work (and leisure). However, though developers might not have to learn to use as many new tools, they will have to become more flexible (and patient) as other departments (who might be less digital in terms of communication) shift to work more online. Additionally, organizations and their employees are facing new challenges from a privacy and security standpoint, and they need to find new ways to combat these pandemic related breeches. For example, the general consensus is that people are seeing a rise in phishing emails that use language about the pandemic as bait. These days, as companies jump to offer up their vast amounts of data to help develop new COVID-related solutions, such as using cell phone data to monitor social distancing, there’s an even greater issue with data privacy.This session will discuss how developer teams can prepare for increased remote work over the course of the year – while keeping collaboration, data privacy and security top of mind. It will also center on the principles that developers, and entire companies, should stand by when using data.