DeveloperWeek Enterprise 2021 DeveloperWeek Enterprise 2021

Wednesday, December 8, 2021

Expedited Delivery: Rethink / Reimagine Your Business Value Flow
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Gautham Pallapa
Gautham Pallapa
VMware, Executive Advisor

As enterprises quickly adapt to a contactless, digital-first world, there is a crucial need to deliver customer-centric features in short iterations. This requires rethinking how teams innovate, develop, and deploy solutions and reimagining the flow of value within the organization.  In this session, I share two phenomenal case studies that showcase how teams disrupted organizational culture and existing processes in a non-traditional way to achieve their business outcomes. Through these stories, I highlight how important it is to rethink and reimagine how we approach problems, develop solutions, and have fun while we are achieving our business outcomes.