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Tuesday, December 7, 2021

5 Tips for Navigating API Security Noise
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Lebin Cheng
Lebin Cheng
Imperva, Head of API Security, Office of the CTO

APIs are the data fabrics connecting modern applications. While it is a powerful tool for Dev and DevOps, it has also become a new attack surface for bad actors to gain access to sensitive data. Many existing API security solutions today are so inflexible and rule driven that they risk slowing down the development process. Lebin Cheng, Imperva’s Head of API Security, will help you navigate through the API Security noise with insights on:DevSecOps does not mean Dev and Sec need to slow each other down. How automated SecOps can speed up Dev and DevOps? What is the right DevSecOps approach to implement API Security?First hand insight into how a DigitalFirst organization took the first steps towards DevSecOps API Security, and how you can too?Other DevSecOps best practices.