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KEYNOTE: GoodData -- Reimagining Your Data Analytics Company through the Lens of Cloud Native

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Roman Stanek
GoodData, CEO

Roman Stanek is a passionate entrepreneur and industry expert with over 20 years of experience. He founded GoodData on a mission to disrupt the business intelligence space and help companies monetize big data. As CEO, Roman has become a leading voice in the analytics industry, changing how companies use data insights to move forward. Roman is actively involved in GoodData’s client relationships, understanding the challenges they face and how data can positively impact clients’ future success.

Prior to GoodData, Roman served as Founder and CEO of two successfully sold startups, NetBeans and Systinet. NetBeans was sold to Sun Microsystems in 1999, and Systinet was similarly sold to Mercury Interactive in 2006. Throughout his career, Roman’s work has helped transform the high-tech landscape. As he looks to the future, Roman’s focus is centered on the evolution of the data value chain and how it will shape the future of analytics.

Roman Stanek, current founder and CEO of GoodData, has founded three SaaS companies over the past 22 years. His first two companies, NetBeans and Systinet, both ended in successful exits, including a sale to Sun Microsystems and one of the most successful acquisitions in the web services/SOA space. GoodData is currently experiencing rapid growth including a 33% expansion across the entire customer base in Q4 2020, a 9x increase in the number of self-service accounts in 2020, and the signing of our largest expansion deal yet, a $14 million contract –– all critical metrics as GoodData continues to surge and provide customers with high-quality data analytics and insights. Until now, there’s been little market pressure for BI to adapt to modern devops tooling and best practices like CI/CD, DataOps, GitOps and others. Popular BI tools often offer a “real time BI optimized” architecture that removes the analytical storage layer to reduce ETL latencies. Unfortunately, in most cases, the analytical capabilities are severely limited in the “real-time-optimized” mode. Roman and the GoodData team just released GoodData Cloud Native after two years of engineering work — the first solution to deliver enterprise-grade analytics as a microservices-based stack. Roman can speak to how to identify not just today’s market need but tomorrow’s — and how to turn those insights into the next phase of your roadmap. For GoodData, that looked like putting analytics on equal footing with core business operations like app dev, and committing to a headless BI structure that delivers scalable, real-time data to everyone who needs it.