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Making Code Review a More Inclusive & Productive Collaboration

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Shifalika Kanwar
Bloomberg LP, Engineering, Global Co-chair Distributed Systems Guild

Software Engineer with a passion to build distributed systems for high performance, reliability and resiliency.

Global Co-Chair Distributed Systems Guild (Bloomberg L.P.)
M.S. Computer Science & Engineering
(Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute)
B.E. Computer Science
(NIT Jalandhar)

Code Review is a great collaboration tool and it is a socio-technical engineering practice that every software developer already uses (or should). While many view code review as a low-value formality in the code writing process, its promise is so much more -- from writing more robust code and learning from one another, to developing a deeper understanding of the systems we work on and even helping to build a sense of collective ownership among fellow engineers. I will talk about why we need to focus more on its social aspects, best practices, and concrete ways to promote more inclusive code reviews. Even if we each learn one way to participate in code review better, this would have a huge positive impact in the everyday lives of software developers around the globe.