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OPEN TALK: Build Microservices-Based Apps Faster with Data Apis

Bhavani Rao
DataStax, Product Marketing Director

Bhavani Rao is a Director of Product Marketing with over 15 years of experience in the tech industry. He has a diverse background, working with customers in DevOps, CI/CD, relational and NoSQL databases. A recent convert to Apache Cassandra, Bhavani is passionate about technology and how it can be leveraged to solve customer problems.

If you are like most developers, you are embracing applications built using microservices and a NoSQL database. Creating applications is hard because microservices are often written in different languages, database drivers have a maintenance burden, or familiar HTTP APIs lack the performance needed. Data APIs can simplify application development, but which one is best for your use case? In this session you will learn about industry standard APIs (REST, schemaless JSON, GraphQL, and gRPC) that can be used to interact with a database. Identify what the benefits of these APIs and why gRPC has become the API of choice for connecting microservices.