DeveloperWeek Enterprise 2021 DeveloperWeek Enterprise 2021
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OPEN TALK: Continuous Software Pipelines: Why Enterprises Are Going Cloud-Native

Dylan Murphy
Cloudsmith, Software Engineer

As a Software Engineer at Cloudsmith and an all-around engineering enthusiast, Dylan develops and architects solutions for the product and platform, helping enterprise customers transform their broken artifact management processes into secure, simplified package distribution that scales.

In his spare time, Dylan is a drummer, having played in rock, folk, country, hip-hop, and reggae bands all over the country.

In 2021, your entire tech stack is likely in the Cloud - so why aren’t your software packages? Whether you’re currently on-premise, have your own in-house solution or have a bit of a hybrid set up, join us in this session to explore:- Why enterprise organizations are making the move from on-premise solutions to completely Cloud-Native ones- What this means for improving, scaling, and securing their CI/CD pipelines- What the benefits of this are over cloud-hosted- How to easily set up a secure, cloud-native software pipeline in 60 seconds.