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OPEN TALK: How Open Source Influenced Traditional Product Development

André Lemos
iText Software, VP of Products

André Lemos is the VP of Products at iText, a leading technology company active in the digital documents space. iText's flagship product is iText 7, an open source library to create and manipulate PDF documents in Java and .NET (C#).André has a strong development background, and has been involved in product management for 9 years in areas ranging from health, physiotherapy and biosignals research. In his free-time you will find him cruising around the city on his bike.

André explores the history of open-source development and its influence on traditional product development. In turn, he also discusses how COSS products benefit from the backing of a commercial enterprise; by employing full-time developers, keeping the product’s development on the right path, and how this feeds back into the open-source community.

He also talks about how iText uses its commercial side to drive development and benefit its wider community, and how open source can benefit from competition in the marketplace.