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OPEN TALK: SQL Server Migration and Modernization on AWS

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Yogi Barot
AWS, Senior Solution Architect - Microsoft Technology

Yogi has 22 years of experience working with different Microsoft technologies, her specialty is in SQL Server and different database technologies. Yogi has in depth AWS knowledge and expertise in running Microsoft workload on AWS. Prior to joining AWS, Yogi worked with multiple enterprise clients providing her expertise in database optimization and operations.

In this session, learn about the journey of migrating an SQL Server to AWS. The session covers available tools and services to help customers simplify and save costs and time on their migration, such as AWS DMS, Amazon EC2, and Amazon RDS. Amazon Aurora was created in response to customer demand for enterprise-grade, cost-effective relational database technology optimized for the cloud. In this session, you will learn about the architecture of Amazon Aurora, how it’s optimized for the cloud, and how it provides your applications with the fast performance, scalability, high availability, and compatibility that they need. We will also discuss how to migrate core SQL Server features, capabilities, and schema objects to Amazon Aurora for PostgreSQL.
Learning Objectives:
•Learn about optimizing relational databases for the cloud
•Learn about Amazon Aurora features including scalability and high availability
•Learn about migrating SQL Server databases to Amazon Aurora using AWS SCT and AWS DMS