DeveloperWeek Enterprise 2021 DeveloperWeek Enterprise 2021
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OPEN TALK: What is Cadence and How it Will Help Your Business

Emrah Seker
Uber, Staff Software Engineer

Emrah's software development experience covers a wide span from kernel-level programming to distributed web services and loves working on cloud computing and highly scalable systems. Emrah's previous companies include Box, Microsoft, and Siemens.

Ben Bromhead
Instaclustr, Chief Technology Officer

Ben is the Chief Technology Officer and Cofounder at Instaclustr and sets the technical direction for the company. Prior to Instaclustr, Ben had been working as an independent consultant developing NoSQL solutions for enterprises and was running a high-tech cryptographic and cybersecurity formal testing laboratory at BAE Systems and Stratsec.

Cadence ( is an open-source solution for workflow orchestration developed at Uber. It allows developers to focus on writing code for business logic, without worrying about the complexity of distributed systems. Cadence is widely adopted at Uber and in the open source community for a broad variety of use cases. In this session, you will hear from Cadence users at Uber and Instaclustr talk about how Cadence is used to solve various business problems. It will also cover some of the most interesting features and improvements that were shipped throughout the past year, as well as its future roadmap.