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Simplify Microservices Using a Unified ‘Service’ Catalog

Tracy Ragan
DeployHub, CEO

Tracy is CEO and Co-Founder of DeployHub. DeployHub is the first microservice management platform designed to facilitate the sharing, relationship mapping and deployments of microservices. Tracy is expert in configuration management and pipeline life cycle practices with a hyper focus on microservices and cloud native architecture. She currently serves as a board member of the Continuous Delivery Foundation (CDF) where she is the elected General Member Representative.
Tracy is a recognized evangelist in microservices and the continuous delivery pipeline. She is the creator of the Continuous Delivery Foundation Interactive Landscape, a blog contributor for the CDF and speaks at many DevOps events such as CNCF’s KubeCon and CloudBees DevOpsWorld. Tracy is also a DevOps Institute Ambassador and speaks at AWS Marketplace webinar educational events. She is also the leader of the New Mexcio CI/CD Foundation Meetups. Prior to DeployHub, Tracy was the COO and co-founder of OpenMake Software, a build acceleration and management tool that is the heart of development for over 400 enterprise development teams. She served on the Eclipse Foundation Board as a founding member from 2004 -2007.

Microservices are complex, but don't need to be. Simplifying a microservice architecture is all about knowing who wrote them, who is using them and where they are running across all clusters. This is the purpose of a microservice catalog where microservice developers and application teams can share and collaborate around microservices, and provide support teams the information they need to respond to an incident quickly. In this presentation, Tracy Ragan, CEO of DeployHub and Ortelius Community Director will introduce the concepts of a microservice catalog along with the Continuous Delivery Foundation's Ortelius Open Source project focused on delivering a unified solution for all to use, automated via the CD Pipeline.