Tuesday, May 10, 2022

OPEN TALK: Metrics Driven Prioritization for SRE
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Christina Tan
Christina Tan
Blameless, Founding Team Member

Leading an SRE organization can be overwhelming - whether you are building the SRE function from scratch, diving in when everything’s on fire, or leading an existing SRE team into a new direction. The goal of this talk is to give SRE leaders a metrics-driven framework for prioritization that will propel them toward needle-moving impact.

First, we'll cover the challenge of prioritization. Engineers can identify what's broken, but that doesn't mean everything can (or should) be fixed instantly. Then we'll go over the Holistic Prioritization Method (HPM). This approach helps you categorize work, ask the right questions, measure what's most suitable for your organization, and analyze gaps. We know that every organization is at a different phase in their SRE journey and priorities will change over time. This framework is meant to help organizations get started with SRE, prioritize what will make the most impact based on real data, and highlight successes throughout their journey. Following this, we'll talk about building a dashboard as a single source of truth, which is important for transparency and building alignment across the business. Finally, we'll provide real-world examples of HPM and the subsequent cultural transformation it engenders.