Tuesday, May 10, 2022

5 Ways to Boost the Strength and Flexibility of Your Organization
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Elisa Hebert
Elisa Hebert
Fairwinds, VP Engineering Operations

Cloud native technologies give us exciting opportunities to modernize, accelerate, and grow. But new technologies can introduce massive change, and startups or small teams aren’t always ready for it. The go-to-market strategy, tech stack, leadership team, funding, M&A positioning are all BIG CHANGES that require an antifragile approach and emotionally elastic team. As your organization undergoes change, how can you position yourself for success? What’s the best organizational structure to drive the outcomes you want - for your team and your customers - today AND tomorrow? How can you be antifragile and emotionally elastic to continue to drive innovation, enjoy your work and the humans you work with daily, and create a robust business? This talk offers insights into how to embrace change instead of fear it as your business evolves. It offers a chance to look at your personal growth opportunities so we as a community can embrace change, evolve and mature even further.