Tuesday, May 10, 2022

Architectural Patterns of Devops and SRE Teams
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Marc Velasco
Marc Velasco
IBM, Senior Technical Staff Member

Architecture is often defined as the layout and usage of components based on external and internal constraints. Devops and SRE Teams are built around any number of services, but as services and the organizational landscape changes, team architecture can and should change to find the right fit based on the external and internal forces.
This is a vital topic as organizations evaluate their team architectures, shift priorities and add or consolidate teams in movement towards CloudNative. This session is applicable to experienced team leads as well as managers and architects that run teams and are looking for optimal team architectures.
This session is a conceptual session discussing architecture team patterns, yet technical topics will be covered encompassing Devops and SRE responsibilities and tooling. The format for this talk is a discussion covering about general constraints and then improvements that can be made in using or enhancing the patterns identified.
Key takeaways from this session will be the different types of Devops and SRE team architecture patterns that can be utilized for teams under varying external and internal constraints.