Tuesday, May 10, 2022

How to Simplify Event Driven Architecture with Data Wrangling
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Riaz Mohammed
Riaz Mohammed
Push Technology, CTO

This talk will highlight how an Intelligent Event Data Platform, with easy data consumption, low-code data transformation capabilities, and reliable, efficient data distribution, enables organizations to accelerate innovation and deliver game-changing, real-time applications to market faster, while significantly reducing the cost of software development and ongoing operations.

As data has become the currency of competitive advantage, Data Wrangling is a requisite for event driven architectures. Data Streams often require transformation and enrichment for optimized and often hyper-personalized, data delivery to a potentially millions of Web/Mobile/IoT applications. Rich data wrangling capabilities are needed in an event-driven architecture to deliver upon modernization and digital transformation goals. Data wrangling can be the most challenging and time-intensive aspect of application development. Architects are seeking low-code intelligent data platforms to address their data modeling requirements to accelerate application development and bring solutions to market faster.