Wednesday, May 11, 2022

OPEN TALK: Why and How to Roll Out OpenTelemetry
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Ted Young
Ted Young
Lightstep, Director of Developer Education

Organizations benefit from a consistent observability. But as teams are added, legacy codebases, technology changes, and acquisitions can lead to a fractured landscape containing multiple observability systems. Ripping and replacing instrumentation can be costly and time consuming, making it difficult to move towards a unified observability solution.
OpenTelemetry helps manage the mess by providing a consistent OSS standard, supported by every major observability and monitoring solution. In this talk, we'll go over what tools OpenTelemetry provides, how it can affect your bottom line, and helpful strategies for a successful company-wide roll out.
Learn how to put operators in charge of a scalable observability pipeline, avoid making developers the accidental gatekeepers to configuration changes, and easily run bakeoffs between different observability providers using production data. We'll cover quick wins to power through a rollout, as well as organizational practices to ensure long term success.