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Democratize or Drown - Scaling DevOps in an Impossible Landscape

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Josef Goldstein, Data Infrastructure R&D Manager

Josef Goldstein recently joined to lead the Data Infrastructure group, prior to that he was the director of platform engineering for Proofpoint’s cloud security products.
He has over a decade of experience with building data intensive SaaS applications and deploying them at scale.
Josef believes the secret sauce for creating sustainable complex software systems is good design practices, effective communication between people, and automating everything. On his day to day work he works tirelessly to build the culture necessary to support these values and propagate them to others. 

Building and maintaining robust CI/CD solutions for modern day SaaS applications is an ever increasing challenge. Catering to a diverse array of microservices, technologies, and the developers behind them is a huge undertaking that is usually backed by a small number of individuals in the R&D.
In this session we will talk about how we can overcome these challenges by creating a culture which places the responsibility back in the hands of the developers. We'll discuss what types of practices and tools exist to help us build democratic CI/CD pipelines and infrastructure. And finally, we'll examine our case study and the transition we’ve made.