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Digital Transformation Through a Design-first Approach to APIs

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Steve Rodda
Stoplight, CEO

Steve Rodda currently serves as CEO of Stoplight since July 2020, a software company focused on API design and development with a design-first approach to full end-to-end API lifecycle. Previously he was Chief Operating Officer of Cherwell Software where he led end-to-end delivery for customers, IT, support, R&D, product management, and professional services. Prior to that, he was at Solarwinds and LOGICNow, bringing over 20+ years of experience to the technology industry. Steve graduated from California State University with a BS in Computer Science. 

You wouldn't build a house without a blueprint. Why build APIs without a plan? But you also can't build a house without the proper infrastructure. It'll take work to get your organization ready to shift left into a design-first API strategy. Learn how to prepare your organization to create a winning API program. We'll answer why organizations are turning to APIs in droves, what is holding organizations back, and why a design-first approach to your API design matters.