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KEYNOTE: ScyllaDB -- Embracing Chaos: 20% Individual Projects and Your Companies Success

Shlomi Livne
ScyllaDB, Vice President of Research and Development

Leading the distributed engineering team at ScyllaDB spanning 16 countries. Learning new things every other day - that's why I love it. 

Tale has it that Gmail, AdSense, Google News have all started as a 20% individual projects.

At ScyllaDB R&D over the last 2 years we have been allowing R&D members to spend up to 20% on their individual projects and consider it a huge success.

In this talk I'll share our story of launching the 20% individual project and what guidelines we provide. I'll also share the frameworks we have set to track it and what changes we have done to enable its full potential.

Walking away from this talk you should consider is this right for my team?