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OPEN TALK: Building a High-Performing Interrupt-Driven Team

Mariena Quintanilla
Foursquare, Director of Client Solutions Engineering

As Director of Client Solutions Engineering at Foursquare, Mariena leads a team responsible for client and partner integrations, with a focus on quality and operational efficiency. She has spent 13 years in technology, working in engineering as well as operations and product management. She has successfully managed large and small teams in digital advertising, marketing analytics, local discovery, automation and quality assurance.

Finding the balance in your organization between project work and servicing ad-hoc stakeholder requests in a timely manner is a hard problem. Done wrong, it can lead to burn-out, increase attrition and slow innovation in your organization. Done right, your team will feel the value they provide daily -- increasing engagement and meeting the needs of stakeholders. In this session, Foursquare’s Director of Client Solutions Engineering Mariena Quintanilla will provide practical guidance for managing agile dev teams, from structuring your organizing and hiring the right talent, to maintaining work-life balance and resolving friction points.