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OPEN TALK: Tales from Both Sides of the Fence

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Steve Roberts
AWS, Snr. Developer Advocate

Steve Roberts is a Developer Advocate at AWS, focused on .NET and PowerShell development. Based in Seattle, Washington, Steve previously worked as a Senior Development Engineer on the AWS SDKs and tools for .NET and PowerShell developers. He was the development lead for the AWS Tools for PowerShell and the AWS Tools for Azure DevOps, and also worked on the AWS Toolkits for Visual Studio, and Visual Studio Code, plus the AWS SDK for .NET. 

David Pallmann
AWS, Manager, .NET GTM and Developer Advocacy

David Pallmann has been a hands-on engineering manager for 30 years. He currently manages .NET developer advocacy at AWS. 

Steve is an Individual Contributor (IC) who's acted as team lead, or reluctant manager, at various times in his career. David has a background in software engineering management, and recently took over leadership of the .NET Developer Advocacy team at AWS, of which Steve is a member. In this session, David and Steve will "round table" chat about their respective experiences to construct and retain high-performing, motivated teams. Your experiences, and observations, will also be welcome via chat during the session to drive the discussion! You'll get insights into why manager and employee perspectives differ, and how understanding that can lead to a better working relationship.