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OPEN TALK: Why Engineers Ignore You: The Care and Feeding of Software Developers

Jonathan Oliver
Smarty, Founder, CEO, & CTO

Jonathan Oliver is the founder, CEO, and CTO of Smarty. Starting his career in software development, he became an early pioneer in CQRS/Event Sourcing. Early on, he built e-commerce platforms for companies and provided consulting services. He soon identified ways to significantly improve address verification service and started his own company. An avid student of people and business philosophy, Jonathan has recruited people who thrive in a collaborative, outward-mindset environment. The combination of superior product, people, and culture over the past decade has driven Smarty to its current position as a worldwide leader in location data intelligence. 

Software developers are a unique bunch. We are highly protective of our creations, while any attempts to consider alternatives that better align with business outcomes and objectives are met with silence or backroom contempt. Further, attempts to correct the situation almost inevitably create additional layers of resistance among software development teams and which pit management against engineering.

In this session, we will look at a few ways to obtain better outcomes by considering the needs, challenges, and objectives of engineering, while at the same time helping to align all involved with organizational goals.