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Supercharge Your Team with Software Engineering Analytics

Julius Uy
Kydon Group and Zillearn, Chief Technology Officer

Julius is the Chief Technology Officer at Kydon Group and its subsidiary, Zillearn where currently leads the Product, Design, and Engineering team. Prior to Kydon Group, he was the VP of Engineering at Hubble, where he grew the team from two regional offices to four over a period of one year. He worked largely on mobile and TV devices, leading the various client engineering teams at Rakuten Viki. Their works were featured at Google I/O, WWDC, Android Developer Story, Editor's Choice, and Android Excellence.

Successful organizations tend to generate better decision quality in the optimal amount of time. In the age of information, data is your best friend. Data, not intuitions, must inform decisions. Hence, organizations must always be conscious around improving two important elements: the time to make decisions and the correctness of the decisions.

In this talk, we'll cover how Hubble addressed observability problems in the Software Engineering department and what data we are using to improve our internal processes