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Shay Howe
ActiveCampaign, Senior Vice President of Platform Strategy

Shay Howe is the Senior Vice President of Platform Strategy at ActiveCampaign, where he leads platform experience and ecosystem, strategic partnerships, and product, front-end, and communication design. He works to make the customer a hero, helping them create ideal customer experiences through intuitive products, marketing, and integrations.

Prior to ActiveCampaign, Shay was Vice President of Product at Belly and Yello, where he was responsible for product strategy and design. He has previously led product teams at multiple high-growth companies, including Groupon. He has held in-residence roles as an advisor with the Techstars, Lightbank, and Prota venture portfolios.

Shay is the author of “Learn to Code HTML and CSS,” published by Pearson Education. 

Jonathan Pasky
DevNetwork, Executive Producer & Co-Founder

Jonathan Pasky is Executive Producer & Co-Founder of DevNetwork, the world's community for technical professionals, producing conferences for the software engineering, IT & tech industries, with 70,000+ community members and 25,000+ annual attendees. Jon is also a patent attorney, having practiced law for 10+ years, a new dad, and he has his BS in Electrical Engineering (BSEE) and minor in humanities from Valparaiso University.

Mariena Quintanilla
Foursquare, Director of Client Solutions Engineering

As Director of Client Solutions Engineering at Foursquare, Mariena leads a team responsible for client and partner integrations, with a focus on quality and operational efficiency. She has spent 13 years in technology, working in engineering as well as operations and product management. She has successfully managed large and small teams in digital advertising, marketing analytics, local discovery, automation and quality assurance.

Alex Oliveira
Code Climate, Engineering Manager

Alex has software engineer and management for 16+ years, in areas such as business intelligence, e-commerce platforms, banking systems, credit card gateways, advertising services, ridesharing/MaaS and fintech startups.


What are the major challenges in modern engineering organizations: Maintaining current/legacy products & code? Prototyping new products? Attracting and maintaining talent?