DeveloperWeek New York 2020 DeveloperWeek New York 2020

Wednesday, December 9, 2020

Evolution of the Gateway Pattern in a Distributed World
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Marco Palladino
Marco Palladino
Kong, co-founder and CTO

The move to microservices introduces more complex applications and new ways of thinking about architecture. API Gateways help manage this complexity of running multiple services while making sure security, scalability, and availability are always top of mind. But in this new world, with new development patterns being implemented in production, how is the role of the API Gateway changing?

In this talk, Marco explores the role of gateways in this new world of microservices and where they fit into modern application architecture. He will cover:

- Deep dive of API Gateways in application architecture
- Best practices for API Gateways with service mesh and serverless
- Real-world examples of users who are leveraging this new pattern to scale their services.

Marco will demo these concepts using Kong, an open source API Gateway that uses these new patterns.