DeveloperWeek New York 2020 DeveloperWeek New York 2020

Wednesday, December 9, 2020

API Prototyping without Coding
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Mark Piller
Mark Piller
Backendless, Founder and CEO

API prototyping can become a time-consuming process, even when you're looking for a quick solution to validate your concept and not prepared to invest any considerable effort. There are multiple potential solutions to this problem, such as creating a testing environment with AWS using API generators, etc. In this talk, we compare the relative cost, both in terms of time commitment and financial expense, of a custom-built API test environment with AWS and a customizable Backend or Database as a Service platform such as Backendless. We will discuss how developer pain points such as the speed of prototyping and testing as well as the desire for instant gratification can be addressed with either solution. We will also examine deployment and scalability with each solution to provide an understanding of what comes after the prototyping stage is complete.