DeveloperWeek New York 2020 DeveloperWeek New York 2020

Thursday, December 10, 2020

OPEN TALK: Enterprise Blockchain Meets the Open Source World
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Peter (Yingxi) li
Peter (Yingxi) li
R3, Developer Relation

Summary: To share how R3 brings an enterprise grade blockchain software to the open source communities and how we help the community participants build their blockchain solutions.

1.Brief introduction of Corda and client case
• Technical overview and architectural benefits of enterprise blockchain
• Client case study, with a brief demo.

2.R3's approach to reaching out to the OS community, and how R3 increases the developer experience for OS project Corda?
• Project Braid: Braid is an open source tool that we had developed with an external team aiming to streamline the Corda developers’ deployment process. It starts a Vertx web server, automatically reads in the Corda application, and exports an API template. The API template can then be used to generate the API library using OpenAPI-genrator, which is another open source tool. The process can generally shorten the development cycle by at least 15%.
• In-house projects: We have developed multiple tools that help our developers have a better experience. This includes a web IDE and a Corda VSCode extension. I will share our journey of making such tools available to the communi