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FEATURED TALK: Is My Product Accessible?

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Jessie Newman
Hudson River Trading, Algo Engineer

Jessie is an Algo Engineer at Hudson River Trading, a high frequency trading company. She also serve as a founding co-lead of their new Women’s Employee Resource Group. Prior to that, she spent 6 years at Google working as a frontend engineer on Google Search and Google Drive, and a backend engineer on Google Maps.

This talk presents a variety of different tools that teams can use to determine if their product is accessible to all their users. Specifically, I plan to introduce the audience to:
- screen readers (using ChromeVox, a free web-based screen reader, as an example)
- high contrast mode
- magnification mode
- scripts that help detect potential accessibility issues

I will introduce these topics via demonstration on a laptop. The audience will hear what a good screenreader experience vs a bad screenreader experience looks like. They will see how different ways of styling your page make it more or less possible for the text to be magnified. They will learn about keeping contrast high between text and the background.

If time permits, I will also demonstrate how to test some of these features on mobile devices (navigation, for example, is quite interesting to see on mobile devices). As well as topics that are somewhat unique to mobile devices such as touch target size.

I will not cover how to go about how to implement the variety of issues we will see. I intend for this talk to serve as an introduction, allowing people to investigate the state of their own products and justify spending time improving their products' accessibility.