DeveloperWeek New York 2020 DeveloperWeek New York 2020
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Managing Failure as a First-Time Manager

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Junaid Warwani
Jetty, Senior Engineering Manager

Junaid is fascinated by how startups grow from ideas into mature, sustainable companies. To learn more about this process, he has worked at companies of all sizes, from 6-person startups to tech giants, to help them build software systems and technology teams. He currently works as an Engineering Manager at CommonBond where they are helping tackle the student loan crisis. He also volunteers his time as a Director of Programs for AI For Anyone, a non-profit with a mission to improve AI literacy.

Your first time as a manager is not easy. You say some wrong things, make a few wrong decisions, and face lots of uncertainty. Being a great developer doesn't guarantee that you can help others be better developers.
This talk is about what I learned after going from a senior engineer in a team of three to managing a team of seven engineers. I will focus on the things you can do to prepare yourself if you are making the same transition, and the things a senior engineering leader can do to help someone in that transition.