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OPEN TALK: A User-Centric Identity Model for the Web

Locke Brown

Locke Brown is the co-founder and CEO of NuID, a cybersecurity software company that is building a decentralized authentication and digital identity platform. Locke founded NuID to address the structural deficiencies in digital identity today by leveraging advances in blockchain technology and zero knowledge cryptography. Prior to NuID, Locke worked on the trading desk and later as a private equity analyst at Bill Gates’ private investment office. Locke graduated from Claremont McKenna College with a BA in economics and mathematics and an MA in finance.

Ethan Landau
NuID, Head of Strategy & Operations

Ethan Landau is the Head of Strategy & Operations at NuID. Ethan helps inform NuID’s approach and leadership in the nascent decentralized identity space by working with partners and customers to understand their needs and constraints. Before joining NuID, Ethan led sales operations at an enterprise telemedicine software company. He graduated from Claremont McKenna College with a BA in international relations.

Identity on the web isn’t so much broken as it is non-existent. With no universal identity layer for the Internet, services and applications have resorted to building walled-garden identity models that have no use on the broader web. The result: a fragmented identity experience across services and a near-constant cycle of major password breaches.

The root cause of this siloed identity model is the way we authenticate users today. In this talk, we will examine this relationship and discuss how technologies such as blockchain and zero knowledge cryptography can be used to build a more secure, user-centric, and universal identity for the web.