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Egg Drop Soup

Portia Street Studios
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Egg Drop Soup



Bio: Unapologetically raw punk trio Egg Drop Soup is injecting adrenaline (and much needed feminism) into today’s music scene. Their massive sound has got the fire we all need to get us off our asses and DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT.

We like to produce, record, mix, and master awesome music. We love to support Our Creative artist community here in Echo Park!

Performance details: Catch Egg Drop Soup performing from Portia Street Studios! Echo Park Sessions presented by Panoramic Melody will be a bi-Monthly event after EPR.

Artist links: Egg Drop Soup Instagram

How to watch: Watch here.


Any and all donations you can make directly to the artists, Echo Park businesses, or the Echo Park Chamber of Commerce during this challenging time will help continued service and development of programs like Echo Park Rising in the future. Donate here to EPR and/or buy our 10th Anniversary T-Shirt designed by Studio Number One.