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One virtual consultation + first workout session with The Strength Shoppe

The Strength Shoppe

The Strength Shoppe specializes in high-intensity strength training, commonly referred to as SuperSlow®, Power of Ten, or Slow Burn. High-intensity strength training is a safer, more effective, more efficient form of exercise. The complete total body workout lasts only 20 minutes once a week. Through compound movements on specialized equipment, the maximum benefits desired from exercise is achieved in minimal time. The truly wonderful aspect about this workout is that anyone can do it. Whether a professional athlete or suffering from a debilitating condition such as osteoporosis, whether the goal is to lose weight or lower blood pressure, this workout will help achieve anyone's health goals. And because it’s only 20 minutes once a week, anyone can stick with it and adapt it as part of their lifestyle.

Special deal: Find out what The Strength Shoppe's 20 Minute, once-a-week workout is all about with an introductory virtual session. You may also choose to save your session for use in the studio when fitness facilities are permitted to reopen.

The $75 introductory offer (usually $150) lasts at least an hour and includes the full, total-body 20 minute workout. We do a full intake, explain and teach the technique, and then coach the first workout.

Ongoing weekly 30 minute sessions range from $77.50 - $87.50 per week after the initial consultation appointment.

How to redeem: Order here.

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