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American Barbershop
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Bio: Skullcrack is a high energy hardcore punk/crossover thrash band from Southern California. Whipping out tightly constructed blasts of hardcore fused with thrash metal guitars and over the top antics. Skullcrack’s music lends itself to a wide range of extreme music fans. 


Producer: The 6*6*60s  
Director: Cody Baker
Director of Photography: Travis Prow
Lighting Director: Chris Hartsell
Sound: Stuart Casson, Cameron Acosta
Final Edits: Some Cult

The 6660s

We present/produce live music shows including Bands in a Barbershop at The American Barbershop in Echo Park

Performance details: Bands in a barbershop? Yeah, 11 of 'em. All amazing. Catch Skullcrack performing from American Barbershop! Presented by The 6*6*60s with An Artists Pride. The full stream starting at 4:30pm at

How to watch: Watch here.


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