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Trap Girl

American Barbershop
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Trap Girl

Bio: "The Los Angeles based hardcore punk band Trap Girl was formed in 2014. Trap Girl's music is loud, gritty, impulsive, and powerful. It's also beautiful, like gold chiffon covered in blood, dirt, and glass. It shimmers and it cuts. Sometimes it's messy. It f**cks you up all while giving you life. Trap Girl threatens to kill rapists, protect women and look good doing it. Trap Girl is at the center of the queercore music movement and lives the legacy of classic L.A. hardcore punk greats like The Germs and The Bags while breathing confrontational new life into the old punk formula. They're bringing new visibility to what it is to be trans, big, brown, and glamorous and pissed off in Los Angeles." - Candace Hanson, Razorcake Magazine 

The 6660s

We present/produce live music shows including Bands in a Barbershop at The American Barbershop in Echo Park

Performance details: Bands in a barbershop? Yeah, 11 of 'em. All amazing. Catch Trap Girl performing from American Barbershop! Presented by The 6*6*60s with An Artists Pride. The full stream starting at 4:30pm at

How to watch: Watch here.



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