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In-Person Networking

Terry Burgan
Bx Networking, Sales & Marketing Director Bx Networking USA

Terry has been working in the events industry for over 20 years, prior to that he owned and operated his own Theatre Restaurant/events space in Sydney Australia. 

Over the last 8 years, he has been teaching keynote speakers how to implement a sales and marketing strategy, his online program 'Why Don't You Go And Get Booked!', is a unique and highly regarded methodology within the keynote speaking industry.

Terry has been involved in hundreds of events at every level, from Trade Shows to major educational seminars and everything else in between. 

For the past 8 years, he has worked alongside Matthew Pollard, managing and developing Matthew's keynote speaking business with great success.

In 2021 he took on the position of US Connections Director for Bx Networking, based in Austin, his role involves building Bx groups across the USA and orchestrating the launch of Bx in Austin Texas.

Terry is passionate about helping business owners succeed, he loves meeting people and is a high-energy, can-do personality. 

Jeff Kikel
T-Werx Coworking, Published Author, Speaker, and Entrepreneur

Jeff Kikel is a Published Author, Speaker, and Entrepreneur. As the CEO/Founder of T-Werx Coworking and President/Co-Founder of BKA Wealth Consulting, Inc., Jeff works with Entrepreneurs every day to successfully grow and exit their businesses. 

After seeing many of his friends struggle in their businesses, or even worse go out of business, Jeff began to wonder why his businesses had survived and many others had not.

After coaching and consulting with many small businesses, Jeff decided to Found Profit Producers ™, an education program designed to help business owners develop the skills to make their businesses grow and be sustainable and profitable. 

Experience a completely new networking concept, called Bx, designed around the culture of creating connections instead of "passing empty leads".

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