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Matt Alderton
Bx Networking - Reimagined, Founder

Matt Alderton is the go-to business keynote speaker in Australia. Matt’s extensive experience across a broad range of industries from the franchise sector to all types of SME’s, together with Matt’s easy-going and fun presentation style, has made Matt a highly sort after speaker.

Matt Alderton is the founder and CEO of Alderton Enterprises, the Founder of Integrated Workforce Solutions, Founder and CEO of Orderfast, The Movie Crew, Bx and BxNetworking and the owner of multiple retail and hospitality businesses, as well being a # 1 best-selling author, professional speaker, coach & small business xpert. Matt was named Business Person of the Year in 2015, NSW Business Leader in 2016, and Finalist Australian Business Entrepreneur in 2016 and 2017. Alderton Enterprises was awarded the Australian Business of the Year in both 2016 and 2017.With an extensive career in retail, management & leadership, Matt’s passion is and has always been developing and leading people to achieve their best. As a certified member of the esteemed John Maxwell Leadership team, Matt continues to serve and develop people with a vision of helping people achieve their goals in life.Through Matt’s business ventures, he has lead teams in excess of 150 amazing people, Matt continues to invest in training and development and the businesses within Alderton Enterprises continue to be recognised within their industries for amazing results in the areas of customer service, retail excellence, marketing & promotions and business excellence.At the helm of Alderton Enterprises, Matt continues to grow the enterprise and is currently expanding in a number of internet related opportunities, the expansion of IWS as Australia’s fastest growing rostering & payroll service provider and the continuing commitment to providing leadership training, coaching, workshops and keynote speaking. Matt’s latest venture, Bx, is the premier provider of training and education to small business in Australia and has worked with business experts such as John McGrath, Mark Bouris and Naomi Simpson. Bx and BxNetworking are on track to have the largest community of entrepreneurs in Australia.

Experience a completely new virtual networking concept, called Bx, designed around the culture of creating connections instead of "passing empty leads".

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