#FBW Asheville & Waynesville 2022 #FBW Asheville & Waynesville 2022

Friday, April 22, 2022

Being There (in-person) AVL
Brett McCall
Brett McCall
Better Than Unicorns

🐙👾 I navigate the world in ways that other people might call strange, or nonconformist, or even risky. 👽🤖 Through years of studying how other people meet their desires, I’ve found that my mind runs in patterns that are... different. It is easy for me to think of this as a handicap. But once I began to embrace what I call my “chaotic magical awareness,” I realized that my natural aptitude for wonder and play can benefit both individuals and organizations — simply by my ability to bring out “weirdo” qualities in others. 
This is why they call me: Abundance Magician✨. Chaos Weaver🌻. Muscle Mover💪🏽. Game Keeper🕹️.

Redesigning Communication
→ A lot of the problems that plague people and organizations are also crippling to me. For example, when I’m under stress I gravitate towards a results-focused approach (an attempt to control or predict outcomes) rather than remaining connected. In other words, I stop listening. 
Learning to recognize and manage this tendency in myself led me to a problem that many people believe is impossible to solve: How can one remain present while under stress? 
It can be done. Through wonder and play. 

The Play Solution
→ When I am with others, exploring the world from a lens of play, anything seems possible. Unfortunately, the world doesn’t work that way all or even most of the time. We live in an age in which functionality and hard work are placed at such a premium that `work’ often becomes bad work, and functionality itself suffers. (This paradox is lost on much of the business world. Organizations and corporations are only slowly waking up to the idea that “functionality” may not always look like a person working on a spreadsheet.)
I realized long ago that almost anything that brings me back into the present moment will help return me to a creative and cooperative flow. A game🎱, hacky sack🦶🏼, throwing a disc🥏, making music🎹 — all of these are much more powerful tools than one might think. 
In addition to conventional play, for many years I have been using game design to solve “real-world” problems (be they individual, relational, societal, or environmental). My version of game design does not mean writing code. It means figuring out, preferably in a group, how to turn a problem into a puzzle, and then into a game. If this works, then overwhelment vanishes, and “players” (a.k.a people) are empowered enough to feel around the rough edges of a problem, perhaps for the first time. They’re on their way to making actual change. 

🎲I play every day, it keeps my brain from the numb.. join me in-game as "sheepsknuckles".🎲 

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