#FBW Asheville & Waynesville 2022 #FBW Asheville & Waynesville 2022

Wednesday, April 20, 2022

Mindfulness-Demystified: How to Stop Fighting with Your Mind (in-person) AVL
Eliza Meadows
Eliza Meadows
Eliza Sage Meadows, LLC

Demystify what mindfulness is and discover how to put some simple practices in place to stop fighting with your busy mind.  Perhaps now more than ever, we can benefit from combining the ancient practice of meditation with modern techniques from the fields of psychology and neuroscience to cultivate resilience and peace.  This class will teach specific skills that you can employ to calm your nervous system, change your outlook, and reduce the sense of overwhelm that can undermine your efforts to stay focused and achieve your goals.  Whether a curious beginner or seasoned practitioner, this class creates an opportunity to pause and be held in community as we humbly explore the way our minds work; moment by moment, together.  

This class will consist of an optional check-in from participants, a very short guided gentle movement component, breathing exercises, and guided meditation.

After this workshop you will walk away with:

  • One breathing technique you can use to calm your nervous system when feeling stressed.
  • One mindfulness meditation technique you can use to increase your awareness, improve your focus, and reduce anxiety.
  • A greater sense of peace and ease that you can take into the rest of your day. 

All sessions are limited capacity, first come first serve. You can create an agenda within the event platform of sessions you want to attend but this does not guarantee you a seat at every session.