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Thursday, April 21, 2022

The Truth of Sales Synonymous with Love (in-person) AVL
Christopher Filipiak
Christopher Filipiak
Christopher Filipiak LLC

The problem for many founders is that you love building your business and providing your service, but deep down you secretly dread sales. So you end up having inconsistent months in terms of generating sales, growing your business, and making your impact. You also hate to feel “salesly.” And some days, you spend more time worrying about not making a sale than energetically leaning in to make sales. Your mission is too important to waste your time building a low-value business that struggles with sales. Here is a secret. The #1 Sales Ready system is how you think and feel about sales. You have to know the truth so you can think and feel accurately about sales. Sales is not something you do to someone - it is something you do for someone. Read. That. Again. This is Sales Synonymous with Love. It is a creative act. It is an expression of who you really are. It is transformative. It is tender and fierce. It is excellence. It is no BS. And it means sales without fear, worry, and self-doubt when interacting with strangers and money. And instead…

Comfortably showing up in service to genuinely help someone, excited about their outcome, and committed to what’s possible for them. Building rapport and “creating value” by having simple yet powerful conversations instead of using manipulative sales tactics. Seeing money as a flow — easily discussing it, spending it, and receiving it without constriction — and being able to create the money you want when you want it. Needing nothing from the other person and unconcerned if they like you, need you, or say yes/no.

What I have found is that when you approach sales this way, it feels better, is more effective, and creates results way faster. It is the path to love yourself, make a sh*t ton of money, have more impact, and scale your business. What you'll walk away with is1) A sales-ready mindset and how your beliefs about strangers, money, and words are impacting your sales and service.2) How to create conversations and have sales conversations without feeling "salesy"

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