#FBW Asheville & Waynesville 2022 #FBW Asheville & Waynesville 2022

Thursday, April 21, 2022

Think Like a Founder (in-person) AVL
Jeffrey Kaplan
Jeffrey Kaplan
Venture Asheville

Freelancers are entrepreneurs but without much of the support, community or resources that go along with the entrepreneurial ecosystem. Freelancers face many of the same challenges that founders of startups do including imposter syndrome, self-doubt, competition, and the cost and sacrifice of your time and even sometimes your family's.

At Venture Asheville, we are pioneering a new way to build entrepreneurs. One that redefines success as not the person who is hashtag hustling and grinding. Our data from state-wide assessments show this classic misunderstanding of entrepreneurship is actually quite harmful to an entrepreneur's self-efficacy.

We've moved away from those values and turned our attention to the entrepreneur's journey, the countless steps a founder takes from idea to growth, to maturity, and beyond. Based on Stoic Philosophy and modern academics, we take our founders through an experience portfolio and schedule events and traditions around milestones on their journey. We are building more mindful, confident, self-assured founders. 
If entrepreneurs are thriving, communities will thrive. This session will share the tools and resources we use with founders, and inspire freelancers to incorporate these practices into their personal and professional lives. 

- How to self assess the 13 entrepreneurial competencies (www.thee13.com)
- A philosophical understanding of the effects of self-efficacy on a person and how that ripples through a business
- Tools and an experiences portfolio that helps founders or freelancers enjoy their entrepreneurial journey. 

All sessions are limited capacity, first come first serve. You can create an agenda within the event platform of sessions you want to attend but this does not guarantee you a seat at every session.