#FBW Asheville & Waynesville 2022 #FBW Asheville & Waynesville 2022

Wednesday, April 20, 2022

I Don’t Have Time for This: How to Stress Less (in-person) AVL
Lindsay Coward
Lindsay Coward
Yoga Nut

Feeling like there are always a million things to accomplish and only so much time in the day? What if your work didn’t feel like that? What if you had tools in place to help you stress less AND stay productive. During this interactive session, you will learn about stress, what it is, why it affects each of us differently, and identify your work-related stressors. You’ll walk away with a simple breathwork practice for activating the parasympathetic nervous system as well as tools for mitigating your daily work stress. Join this workshop to start stressing less and enjoying more! 

All sessions are limited capacity, first come first serve. You can create an agenda within the event platform of sessions you want to attend but this does not guarantee you a seat at every session.