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Impulse-control, Insight, Integrity (in-person) AVL

Michael Johnson
Clearlight Yoga

About the speaker:

Michael Johnson is a life-long student and practitioner of yoga. He has been a full-time instructor for over 20 years, teacher trainer since 2003, advanced teacher trainer since 2007, and now offers in-depth month-long courses on Yoga, Āsana, Prāṇāyāma, Meditation, Philosophy, Sanskrit, Vinyāsa and a 195-day practice Challenge. 

Session description:

Despite numerous obstacles, we can gradually develop our impulse control with a modest daily practice of meditation. Combined with insight meditation, such impulse control can help make better choices so we can live in harmony with our values. Join me for a beginner-friendly (and beginner's mind friendly) practice followed by a brief Q & A. 

Freelancers and small businesses often struggle with giving clients the direction they need to become great customers. Healthy boundaries and direct, open communication aren't just best practices for personal relationships, they are the cornerstone of a functional freelance business. Learn how cultivating emotional intelligence as a professional and creating well-defined boundaries and systems for clients to follow can reduce stress, strengthen long-term customer relationships, increase higher quality referrals, and make your day-to-day work life more fun. Attendees will walk away with a 3 step plan for how they can improve client communication and greater confidence in their ability to build a scalable business that attracts their ideal customers. 

There is a covered structure up on the Clayton trail. If it rains we will go there. 

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