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The Blockchain & Your Business (in-person) AVL

Nathan Phillips

About the speaker:

Nathan Phillips is Head of Community & Market Development at ReSource - a B2B marketplace that provides alternative funding and growth services. He is a multi-disciplinary project manager focused on startups with a track record of building, launching, and selling new products and businesses in brick and mortar, e-commerce, and hybrid models through positive management methods and focused on data-driven and human-center design. After working on the leading edge of digital marketing, cannabis, and gender equality in sports industries, Nathan has shifted focus on bridging the benefits of blockchain and cryptocurrency into the daily lives of business owners and their teams. 

2021 was the year cryptocurrencies and blockchain projects exploded into the mainstream. From Dogecoin and Elon Musk to Bored Apes and Burger King, the world of Web 3.0 spilled over from internet forums to everyday life.

In this session, get a full introduction to blockchain, cryptocurrencies, NFTs & DAOs along with ways these new technologies are opening up opportunities for freelancers and your clients.

- Expand your understanding of blockchain technology
- Discover how cryptocurrencies are reshaping finance
- Discover new ways to think about NFTs and and their future
- See one of my all time favorite tweets
- Explore opportunities in the emerging DAO space
- Learn about a web 3.0 network empowering freelancers

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