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5 Benefits of Marketing/Monetizing your Business with Podcasting

Impact Hub - 1801 Main St 10th floor, Houston, TX 77002

Ozeal Debastos
Ozeal Media

Ozeal  Debastos is a podcast coach, creator, community builder, and host of the "No Permission Needed' podcast. A creative, marketing and promotions expert for more than 20 years, he cultivated a keen understanding of online marketing and brand development as well as helped leaders in numerous industries launch branded podcasts and online platforms. 

Ozeal's podcasting journey started in 2017, with the launch of No Permission Needed. Since its inception, the podcast has garnered iTunes’ coveted, “New and Noteworthy” designation, as well a position on Apple’s Top 50 business podcast list.  No Permission Needed has an undisputed five-star rating, and garnered close to a  million downloads.  His podcast's mission is to empower, inspire and help leaders and creators through the lens of personal development. 

In this session, you will learn 5 unexplored benefits of effective podcast marketing for freelancers. 

Discover the latest 2022 podcast marketing trends and insights, practical strategies to build brand awareness around your business, and some unhidden podcasting gems to monetize your message.