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The Next Big Instagram Trends

Impact Hub - 1801 Main St 10th floor, Houston, TX 77002

J Franco
Franco Innovative Media & Marketing

J Franco MBA, MCM, is a branding and marketing strategist with over 8 years of experience in the industry and a graduate of the #1 communications school in the nation (University of Southern California, Annenberg) with a second Master's in Communication Management. 

She’s passionate about helping you build and market your business online so that you can start making money on day one! She’s the Chief Marketing Officer at Franco Innovative, a media, and marketing agency in Houston, TX. 

She was awarded Houston’s Best- Marketing Consultant in 2019, and Global Top 100 Influencer-Advertising & Marketing in 2021. In 2022, she was awarded Woman of Excellence, a lifetime achievement award in her community. 

She loves helping SOLOPRENEURS strategically build & market their business by CAPTIVATING, CULTIVATING, CONVINCING, & CONVERTING their audience so that they can make more money online.

In this session, freelance business owners will learn about the 5 big Instagram trends that are moving and disrupting the platform.
-Session attendees will leave knowing
-The type of content that they should focus on
-Gain visibility strategies that will amplify their reach and increase their views
-How to automate their user experience and generate more leads for their business