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Thursday, April 21, 2022

Small Steps Yield Big Results: Tiny Habits for Freelancers - VIRTUAL
Kelli Chickos
Kelli Chickos
Talent Management Professional

Consider this statement - We can change our LIFE by changing our BEHAVIOR. We all know this is true, but why is it so difficult?  It doesn’t have to be…. Stanford University professor, Dr. BJ Fogg created the Tiny Habits Method: A simple, yet incredibly powerful formula to drive any behavior and create the outcomes you desire.  During this program, Kelli Chickos, Certified Tiny Habits Coach, will take you through the Tiny Habits Behavior Model so you understand what drives behavior and the Tiny Habits Method to help you identify the results you want and the necessary steps to get you there. 

FREE:  One lucky attendee will win a copy of the Tiny Habits best-selling book and a stack of Tiny Habits recipe cards to get you started on your Tiny, but BIG, Journey.