LEE KUM KEE PRESENTS: Umami's Role in Flavorful Foods


Robert Danhi
Flavor360 Solutions Inc., Chef/Co-Founder

Robert Danhi, Curator of Cultures, is a thirty-four year veteran of the F&B industry, Chef Danhi has operated restaurants, was a chef-instructor at the CIA, award winning Southeast Asian cookbook author, TV show host and has become an industry thought leader in R&D throughout the innovation process. Robert has been utilizing multimedia capturing technology to curate and share flavor experiences for last two decades. In 2015, his team began building the Flavor360™ software platform to create tools for the Food & Beverage industry’s Innovation Teams of Marketers, R&D Chefs, Product Developers, and Food Scientists. In 2019 he co-founded Flavor360™ Solutions Inc. and they recently launched Flavor360º EXPLORE, the first of a suite of apps and cloud-based FlavorSite™ to plan, discover, capture, archive, analyze and share the 360 degree flavor experience at every stage of the R&D process.

Dan Goral
Lee Kum Kee USA, Sr. Sales Manager for industrial ingredients

Throughout his career Dan has worked with ingredients that have exhibited umami as a primary function.  His exploration of the topic started long before Umami was generally recognized as the 5th taste in America.  Whether the product was shitake mushrooms, salt cured anchovy or fermented foods, Dan has always strived to better explain this wonderful taste that is so hard to describe.  He has been sharing his insights and technical knowledge of umami with food industry professionals for over 20 years and holds a patent for a flavor enhancing food additive.

Umami plays a key role in many fermented foods. By now, most of us know it’s your 5th taste.  This presentation has a unique blend of scientific, culinary and cultural information that will help take your understanding of umami to the next level.  It includes a tutorial on Umami function that explains what it is, why we have it, how it is different from the other four taste senses and how it can be used to make foods taste better.  Traditional Asian bean and chili pepper products are used as examples to show how umami and complex flavors are created through fermentation and salt curing processes.