Managing Microbiomes to Prevent Defects and Spoilage


Maria Marco
University of California, Davis, Professor

Maria Marco is a Professor in the Department of Food Science and Technology at the University of California, Davis. Prof. Marco received her BS degree in microbiology from the Pennsylvania State University and PhD from the University of California, Berkeley. She then worked as a postdoc and subsequently as a scientist at NIZO food research, The Netherlands where she also led a project supported by the TI Food & Nutrition. Prof. Marco initiated her laboratory at UC Davis in 2008. Her research focuses on lactic acid bacteria in food systems and the mammalian digestive tract. The broad objective of her work is to identify the attributes of microbes that can be used to guide improvements in food production to benefit human health.

Highlight techniques being used to identify the microbial diversity in a range of fermented foods. How do microbes cause spoilage defects in fermented food microbiomes? What are effective strategies to manage fermented food microbiomes to prevent spoilage? How can producers use experiments in their facilities to identify causes of microbial defects in fermented foods?